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About Us!

Delivering Clean Bulk Water Solutions

A Full-Service Trucking Company

At Hansel and Son Trucking, we are focused on providing bulk water delivery services with the highest level of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. We are a hometown veteran-owned and operated company that offers professional service in a big way! When you need water...We deliver! Did you know?... Filling your pool with a hose from your home can have expensive consequences? Filling your pool with a hose can take days to weeks, creating large utility bills and excess stress on your well pump. Well water can stain pool liners, plaster, and cement pools. With well water you use more chemicals to achieve the correct Ph balance. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.



We have been serving the communities of Northern Indiana for over a decade - with the highest quality of service! 




We strive to deliver the highest level of trust and confidence for our customers!

5/16 - I received excellent and prompt service. Mr. Hansel and his assistant took great care as to not mess the yard, which was greatly appreciated. Had other servicer who tore up the yard with water hoses. Would highly recommend them to all and will be using their service each year. 



Jim offers a very wonderful service in providing water for our pool. Always prompt with his calls and service. Wonderfully dependable and will go the extra length to help and satisfy his customers. Will definitely continue to do business with him and will recommend Jim to everyone in need of water... Thank you for making my grandchildren happy with a pool full of water.....

- Ken and Lisa

This is the second year that I have built an ice rink for my boys... (we'll pretend that it is just for them, and dad has no interest :-) I have had Jim haul the water for both rinks. This is not just a little water, it's a lot. 13-14000 gallons. He has been fantastic both times! He is responsive and willing to help in any way possible. He will continue to be my first call. Jim, I appreciate all you have done to help us enjoy the dreary days of winter! Pictures will be coming.


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